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Peruvian Cuisine occupies a very prominent place throughout the world, becoming considered by the French newspaper Le Monde as one of the three great kitchens of humanity, along with the Chinese and French, although in international gastronomy competitions it also competes With Indian cuisine.

The immense variety of ingredients that exists in Peruvian lands, thanks to the geographic territory with which we have is one of the factors why our cuisine is full of wealth.


-Coastal Food

The coastal gastronomy is divided into marine and creole food. These best known dishes are made from fish and seafood. Some of the most representative dishes of seafood are shrimp chupe (Arequipa), ceviche, choritos a la chalaca (Callao), tiradito, tiger’s milk, parihuela and others.

Ceviche: Ceviche consists of the combination of fresh fish and seafood marinated in lemon juice.

As for Creole food, we have chicken chili, carapulcra, chicken marinade, rice with chicken, tacu-tacu, rice with duck, cau cau, lomo saltado, grilled chicken, cause the Lima, anticuchos, among others.

• Lomo saltado: Lomo saltado was born thanks to the fusion of Peruvian cuisine with oriental China. It consists of pieces of fried meat with onion and tomato.

-Food From the Sierra

The food of the mountains has corn, potatoes and other tubers as main ingredients. Some of the most representative dishes of Andean cuisine are the pachamanca, the huatia, the potato to the huancaína, the ocopa and others.

• Pachamanca: It is a typical dish of Peru, elaborated by the cooking of the meats of cow, pig, chicken and guinea pig, in addition to other inputs. Under the heat of the stones that are heated with the combustion of logs.

• Papa a la huancaína: The dish consists of boiled potatoes covered with a cream cheese, oil, salt, yellow pepper and milk to have consistency.

-Jungle Food

The most popular dishes of the Peruvian Jungle cuisine are the juanes, the tacacho with cecina, inchicapi, the patarashca, the chonta salad, among others.

Juane: The Juane is based on rice, chicken meat, olives, boiled egg, among other spices that are wrapped in the bijao leaf and put to boil for an hour and a half.


Pisco: Pisco is considered the national drink of Peru and comes from  8 different types of grapes: the quebranta grape, the uvina grape, the criolla negra grape, the Italia grape, the Albilla grape, the Moscatel grape and the Torontel grape.

NOTE: With pisco you can make the traditional pisco sour cocktail.

Chicha Morada: The chicha morada is a traditional peruvian drink and is native to the andean region of the country. Some of ingredients used are purple corn, pineapple, apples, cinnamon lemon and others.


Picarones: The picarones are traditional sweets in the peruvian gastronomy and their presentation is in the form of rings made of wheat flour dough, pumpkin and sweet potato bathed with the sugar cane candy called chancaca.

I sigh to Lima: The sigh to is a traditional dessert from Peru that has as its place of origin the city of Lima. The sigh to Lima consists of a sweet cream based on milk, sugar, egg yolk and vanilla essence.  Meringue cover with egg whites, port wine and sugar.

Purple porridge: The purple porridge is a typical dessert in the peruvian gastronomy and its elaboration is based on purple corn concentrated with cornstarch . The dessert is usually accompanied by rice pudding and called “classic” or ” combined.”

Rice Zambito: The Zambito rice is an origin comes from rice pudding . The desert consists basically of the rice with milk plus pecans, raisins and chancaca. The last one is the one that adds the brown color characteristic of zambito rice.

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