The Inca Trail, is one of the 5 best hiking trails in the world, many of the travelers wish to make this journey, but due to the limitations that exist because it is a route with high demand, it must be booked in advance. But first, choose the best season to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Peru is a very large country with many different climates, for that reason it would be very difficult to define a good time to visit different places. For the Inca Trail, the hottest season is from November to March but it is also the rainy season. That’s why we think it is more pleasant to do a sunny but cold excursion than a warm but rainy excursion. For this reason, we advise you to do it preferably between April and October. It should be noted that the Inca trail is open every day of the year except in February, maintenance month.


Cusco and the entire southern region of Peru are marked by two distinct climatic seasons: The rainy season (from November to March) and the season nearby (from April to October).
• If you plan to do the Inca trail during the dry season, it is advisable to wear a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, light clothes during the day and warm clothes for the night.
• If you plan to make the Inca trail during the rainy season, it is recommended to bring a rain poncho, windbreaker, non-slip shoes and a cane.
As you can see, there is no perfect time (sunny, warm and dry months), you have to decide when to take the Inca Trail tour taking into account your preferences; if the rain bothers you or it is very cold.

The Inca Trail is an unforgettable adventure, where you will live the history of this civilization in your own skin surrounded by an impressive landscape. Put on your boots, grab your backpack and go on an adventure!

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